Receiving treatment online rather than in-person can keep you safe and also slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

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  1. We offer state of the art  CBT therapy on professional HIPAA compliant video conferencing software to help you safely and effectively feel better and reach your therapy goals.
  2. All you need is a computer with a webcam.
  3. Once you book an appointment we will send you a link to the video conference, clicking on it will connect you with your therapist’s office room.
  4. Therapy sessions are all 1:1, individually tailored to the client’s needs, no group therapy.
  5. The screening process begins with a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our clinicians. Click on the “book now” button to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our online therapy clinicians and learn more

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Due to licensing requirements, video-therapy is only available to patients located in Canada and the US states listed above. If your state is not listed, please consider visiting California or New York for our Intensive Therapy program.

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provider_logo-01TEAM therapy, developed by world-renowned author and therapist Dr. David Burns, is a powerful and innovative form of therapy that builds upon evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to drive faster change and relief for patients. Each step of this approach has been studied and shown to improve therapy results. Click here for more information on the evidence behind TEAM-CBT.

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